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Our MIssion

Family University is a respectful and all-inclusive platform to engage families as equal partners to improve student achievement and build brighter futures for our community.

Our Vision

Our vision is to ensure a safe, welcoming and diverse environment that nurtures growth and development for life-long leaders. In all our pursuits, we strive to build community by bridging partnerships between families, schools and the district.

Our History

Family University was piloted at Anderson Elementary School in the 2017-18 school year. Due to its positive response, it is being expanded and implemented district-wide in the 2018-19 school year.

Benefits to Getting Involved


Get Connected: Know what’s happening at your child's school and throughout the district

Discover Great Resources: We offer many programs, workshops, and volunteer opportunities for parents, guardians, and extended family. We welcome everyone!

Tap into the LESD Network: Our events are opportunities to create connections to other LESD parents/guardians, administrators, teachers, and staff. You will build rapport and discuss issues important to you.

Watch Yourself Grow: Your skills and hobbies can be used to assist your child and all children in the community.

Speak Up: You can effectively suggest change and fresh ideas.

Witness Improvement: You can be part of the solutions and positive changes, and watch them happen.

Be a Role Model: You will demonstrate to your child the importance you place on their education.


Family U recognizes you for taking an active role in your student's education.

The more you participate, the higher the tier you will reach. Our goal is to see all parents achieve Tier 4!

To keep track of your participation and engagement we give each of our members a Participation Passport.

parent leadership tiers

Participation Certificate Award

  • Attendance of 12 workshops within a single school year (elementary parents)
  • Attendance of 8 workshops with a single school (middle school parents)

Family University T-Shirt

  • Attendance and participation at school or district parent committees meetings (ELAC, SSC, DELAC, DPAC)
  • Serve as an Elected Officer on a parent committee (ELAC, SSC, DELAC, DPAC)
  • Completion of a workshop series
  • Facilitate parent-to-parent classes

Making a Difference

  • Completion of professional development training on Educational Foundation or Family University
  • Hosting an EdFoundation and/or FamilyU booth at a school site or community event

Years of Service Plaque

  • A combination of Tiers 1-2 and 1-year participation of Tier 3