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District Office

(310) 973-1300

8 AM - 4 PM


Jorge Arroyo

Director of Student Support Services

ext. 50128


Patricia Gonzalez 

Director's Secretary

ext. 50129


Maria Ruelas

District Social Worker

ext. 50130


Claudia Godoy

Medi-Cal Outreach Specialist

ext. 50134


1/3/19 9:36 AM

Student Support Services Homepage

Our Mission

The Student Services Department provides a strong network of services and support to the students, staff, parents and community of Lawndale Elementary School District. This department oversees a wide range of educational and support programs that provide instruction to our students. Our goal is to advocate for students and families by linking them to an array of services that will open the doors to a better tomorrow.

These services include:

  • Alternative Education
  • Child Welfare and Attendance
  • Counseling
  • Foster Youth
  • Home/ Hospital Instruction
  • Homeless Education
  • Health Services
  • Permits
  • Residency
  • Student Expulsions
  • Student Suspensions
  • Student Records
Elementary School Boundaries

Elementary School Attendance Map

MIddle School Boundaries

Middle School Attendance Boundaries