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Cathy Burris
Term Expiration: 2024
Trustee Area 3

Ann M. Phillips
Term Expiration: 2022
Trustee Area 4

Adim Morales
Term Expiration: 2024
Trustee Area 5

Bonnie J. Coronado
Term Expiration: 2022
Trustee Area 1

Shirley Rudolph
Term Expiration: 2022
Trustee Area 2

Trustee Areas

Current Trustee Areas

Every ten years, the United States Census Bureau collects information about how many people are living in the United States.  This data impacts electoral areas, including the trustee areas for Board of Trustee elections.  The purpose of adjusting maps is to ensure that voters’ rights under the California Voting Rights Act (CVRA) are protected.  Although trustees are elected by registered voters who reside in a particular trustee area, all trustees represent all students and families in the entire Lawndale Elementary School District community.

Utilizing census data from 2020, the maps for the LESD Trustees Areas were developed by professional demographers from Davis Demographics.  On January 20, 2022, Davis Demographics presented proposed updates to trustee area maps to the Board of Trustees.  Following the Board’s selection of a final trustee area map, the Lawndale Elementary School District held a public hearing on February 3, 2022 for final review and approval of the District’s final trustee area map.

Board of Trustee Elections

Each Trustee has a term of four years.  Elections by trustee area for the Lawndale Elementary School District Board of Trustees will be held in November of 2022 and November of 2024. For the 2022 Notice of Election, click here.

Interested in running for school board?

More information for candidates interested in running for school board can visit the Los Angeles County Registrar/Recorder's website by clicking here

The LESD Board of Trustees made the transition from at-large elections to trustee area elections in 2016.  Trustee area elections require that candidates can only be elected by registered voters who live in the trustee area in which the candidate resides. 

The district initiated the creation of election areas that would be roughly equal in population and in compliance with state and federal law and the United States Constitution. Using data from the 2010 Census, the district’s consultant, National Demographics Corporation, created four scenarios that divided the district into five new voting areas.  

A series of public forums were held to collect community input regarding the proposed area maps. Following community input, the Board of Education chose a final map at its meeting of October 18, 2016. 

Loss of Territory to Wiseburn Unified School District

Subsequently, the Wiseburn Unified School District petitioned the Los Angeles County Office of Education to make the blocks north of Rosecrans and west of Inglewood Avenue a part of the Wiseburn territory.  Lawndale Elementary School District appealed to the State Board of Education on September 10, 2020 to maintain that area as part of the Lawndale Elementary School District.  The State Board of Education sided with the Wiseburn Unified School District.