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2022-2023 Elected officials

Daniela Velasco, President

Brenda Veronica, Co-VP

Gianina Trujillo, Co-VP

Ashlee Gates, Secretary

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Parent Committees: ELAC & DELAC

All meetings are open to the community. Members and non-members are welcome. For workshops and meeting schedules, see the FamilyU calendar.

Parent Engagement Leads to Student Success!

At LESD we encourage all parents to get involved in their child's education. We care about our families and your voice matters. We offer several committees that all parents are welcome to join. Learn more below. 

English Learner Advisory Committee (ELAC) & District English Learner Advisory Committee (DELAC)

The English Learner Advisory Committee advises and assists the principal, staff and School Site Council (SSC) in developing:

  • School programs for English learners.
  • Single School Plan for Student Achievement (SPSA).
  • School needs assessments
  • School site annual language census
  • Parents of English learners comprise at least the same percentage of the ELAC membership as English learners constitute of the school’s total student population. For example, if 25 percent of the students in a school are English learners, then parents/guardians of English learners must comprise 25 percent of the ELAC membership.
  • Other members of the ELAC can be  parents/guardians, school staff, and /or community members as long as the minimum  percentage requirement for EL parents is maintained.

Parents or guardians of English learners must have an opportunity to elect the parent members to serve on the ELAC or subcommittee.

The district shall provide for all ELAC members:

  1. Appropriate training and materials to assist each member to carry out his or her legally required advisory responsibilities.

  2. Training planned in full consultation with ELAC members.

ELAC members that are interested in taking their school-level involvement to the district-leve can also participate in the District English Learner Advisory Committee meetings.

DELAC duties include:

  • Developing or revising the district master plan of education programs and services for English learners
  • Conducting district-wide needs assessments on a school-by-school basis
  • Establishing district English learner program goals and objectives
  • Developing a plan to ensure compliance with teacher and instructional aide requirements
  • Analyzing the annual language census
  • Reviewing and making recommendations to the district’s reclassification procedures
  • Reviewing and commenting on written notifications to parents

How our Committees work Together

Figuring out how our committees collaborate and work together can seem daunting at first, but at LESD we aim to educate our families on the nuances of our school and district committees and empower you to be an active advocate in your child's education!