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Instant Recess

Taking a 5-10 minute instant recess break is a great way to jazz up your day. Here are links to a few of our favorite clips.

Instant Recess for Everyone

Hip Hop Instant Recess

Reggae Instant Recess

Instant Recess with Sparks

Classroom Party Ideas

Healthy classroom celebrations are a great way to reinforce healthy habits while having fun. Check out these cute and creative classroom party ideas. Learn more tips about healthy celebrations and snack ideas snack ideas.

Healthy Snack Ideas (PDF)

Healthier Halloween & Harvest Party Ideas

Easy seasonally themed snacks that kids can make with a little help and supervision from adults.

Click on the image for directions.

Frankeinstein dip  Broomstick cookies  Graveyard beandip cups  Mandarins as pumpkins
  bandaid cookies

 Popcorn bags   Apple Mummies  Mummy Pizzas  Frankeinstein grape cup

Fall & Winter Classroom Party Ideas

Hosting any classroom parties this holiday season? Check out these ideas for crafting healthy holiday snacks during your next party. They're hands on and fun for everyone!

   rTurkey veggie sticks  PDF  string cheese turkeys  PDF  turkey gloves popcorn bags  PDF  kids craft

decorated plates  popcorn snowman  santa belt cheeses

 applesauce reindeer  string cheese snowmen  strawberry santas  mandarin reindeer

fruity santas  snack tree  PDF  graham cracker reindeer