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Classified pd Committee

Karla Bertran
Karla Bertran
Director of Purchasing

Gretchen JansonGretchen Janson
Assistant Superintendent of Business Services

Carl Williams
Carl Williams
President of LFCE

Brenda Zepeda
Brenda Zepeda
Ed Services Logistics Technician

Blanca Romero
Director's Secretary

Robert Gonzalez Jr. 
Ed Services Logistics Technician

Classified Professional Development

At LESD we value our classified personnel. We offer continuous professional learning opportunities to enhance classified staff skills.

Upcoming sessions

Virtual Sessions:
Date AM Option PM Option Session Title
October 28 8:30-10:15 1:30-3:15 Google Workspace: Chrome & Drive
[AM/PM Recording & Resources]
November 4 8:30-10:15 1:30-3:15

Google Workspace: Gmail, Calendar, Meet 
[AM/PM Recording & Resources]

November 18 8:30-10:15 1:30-3:15

Google Workspace: Forms & Spreadsheets
[AM/PM Recording & Resources]

December 2 8:30-10:15 1:30-3:15 Google Workspace: Keep & Kami
[AM/​PM & Resources]
December 9 8:30-10:15 1:30-3:15 Google Workspace: Slides




Date Time Session Title
December 4 9:00am-2:30pm Clerical/Classified Google Workspace Tools
Saturday Lunch will be provided Jane Addams Middle School - 4535 W. 153rd Place

Update: Due to Covid-related requirements or limited spaces, this workshop is now FULL.  There is a waiting list on a first come, first serve basis.  Please plan on attending a virtual workshop, there are spaces available.