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Welcome to Business Services

Helping Our Schools Manage Their Resources

The Lawndale Business Services Division measures it's success by what we are able to do for our schools and our community. We provide fiscal oversight along with a wide range of cost-effective administrative, financial and business services, enabling our schools to focus their resources where it matters most, in the classroom.

We welcome your ideas and suggestions for ways we can be of assistance.

Our Business Services Division helps our schools and district departments maximize revenues and contain costs by providing quality administrative, financial, and business services, including:

  • Fiscal Information processing providing personnel, payroll, and retirement accounting for over 500 employees.
  • School District budget oversight services.
  • Purchasing services, including public bids and contracts for schools and departments.
  • Food Services programs including breakfast and lunch and healthy nutrition education.
  • Technology support services for internal and external internet and communication networks.
  • Ongoing maintenance, operations, and custodial support to maintain school district facilities.

Meet our Team


Dr. Howard Ho
Assistant Superintendent of Business Services
Ext. 50026

Jorge Ramirez

Jorge Ramirez
Director of Maintenance & Operations
Ext. 50082

Karla Bertran

Karla Bertran
Director of Purchasing
Ext. 50098

Todd Barker

Todd Barker
Director of Information Technology
Ext. 50068


Natalie Martinez

Natalie Martinez
Risk and Safety Management Coordinator
Ext. 50028

Blanca Romero

Blanca Romero
Asst. Superintendent's Secretary
Ext. 50027


Monique Benjamin
Director of Accounting & Budgeting
Ext. 50013


Lissette Rooney
Director of Nutrition & Wellness Services
Ext. 50048