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Camille Thorsen

Community Wellness Outreach Coordinator

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  Lissette Rooney

Community Wellness Health Educator

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Sochil Franco

Account Clerk

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Maria Madrigal

Champion Outreach Specialist 

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Kris Lauritson

District Master Gardener 


Wellness Program Homepage

Fresh Fr

The LESD Wellness Program promotes healthy choices for our students and families. We partner with parents, teachers, staff, administrators and students to help support healthy attitudes and environments throughout the district. We are active in school gardens, participate in afterschool and evening events, and offer nutrition education classes for parents and students.

Use CalFresh to Buy Groceries Online - 4/28/20

Utilice CalFresh para comprar alimentos por internet - 28 de abril

Do you receive CalFresh Food benefits? You can now use your EBT card to purchase groceries online for delivery to your doorstep with Walmart and Amazon. For more info, or to apply for CalFresh Food benefits to help you with groceries, visit or call 866-613-3777.

¿Recibes beneficios de CalFresh? Ahora puedes usar tu tarjeta EBT para comprar comida por internet con entrega a su domicilio por de medio de Walmart y Amazon. Para más información, o para aplicar para CalFresh y recibir ayuda con comprar alimentos, vaya a o llama al 866-613-3777.

CalFresh Food Online

LA County DPSS Customer Service Center Extends Service Hours - Effective 4/27/20

El centro de servicio telefónico de LA DPSS estarÁ abierto por MÁs tiempo empezando el 27 de abril

LA County Department of Public Social Services is happy to announce that though their offices are closed to the public, their Customer Service Center is open with extended hours to serve you if you need to apply for programs like CalFresh, Medi-Cal, and CalWorks.

El departamento de servicios sociales públicos del condado de Los Angeles está feliz que pueden anunciar que aunque sus oficinas están cerradas al público, el centro de servicio telefónico sigue abierto con horas adicionales para ayudarlos si necesitan aplicar para programas como CalFresh, Medi-Cal y CalWorks.


Kitchen TimeSavers - 4/27/20

Modos de ahorrar tiempo en la cocina - 27 de abril

Here are some tips on ways to save time when you’re in the kitchen.

Aquí están unas ideas sobre modos en cual podemos ahorrar tiempo cuando estamos en la cocina.

Kitchen Timesavers

Food Safety Tips - 4/22/20

Seguridad alimenticia - 22 de abril

Here are some tips to reduce foodborne illness. 

Aquí están unos breves consejos sobre la seguridad alimentaria.

Food Safety Flyer

Stretch Your Food dollars - 4/16/20

Estira su dinero - 16 de abril

Here are some tips on ways to save money when you go grocery shopping.

Aquí están unos consejos sobre modos en cuales podemos tratar de aprovechar el máximo de nuestra dinero cuando vamos al mercado.

Stretch Your Dollar Flyer

Safety while Shopping - 4/13/20


Here are a few tips for safely shopping for groceries during the era of COVID-19.

Aquí están unos consejos sobre precauciones cuales debemos tomar cuando vamos de compras durante la época de COVID-19.

Safety while Shopping 4/13/20

Food Resources - Revised 3/19/20

  • Click here  to view a map of local grocery stores, dollar stores, mini markets and nutrition assistance programs. Remember your local dollar stores and mini markets often carry supplies that may run low at larger groceries.


  • For options for accessing food during the COVID-19 closures in and near our community, click here.


  • Para información sobre opciones para acceso a comida durante los cierres causado por COVID-19, haga clic aquí.


Poppy Seed Dressing SimplyScratch




Due to popular demand, find our recipe for poppyseed dressing here in English and Spanish.

Sweet Potato Fries

Sweet Potato Fries

Special thanks to LESD RAP students for helping us develop a sweet potato fries recipe that LESD kids love!

Healthy Cooking Workshops for Parents

We're hosting a series of hands-on cooking with a focus on healthy eating and living for parents and community members. See the below calendar to find out when and where these fun classes will be held.

Wellness Calendar

Couldn't make it to our series last school year? 

Our recipes are fast, easy, healthy *and* tasty. Don't take our word for it - try them for yourself!


Berry Banana Smoothie Bowl - Great for breakfast, lunch, as a snack or even dessert.

Quinoa Salad - A yummy salad that can be served hot or cold and eaten as a side or a main dish.

Tofu Stir Fry - When you're in a rush and craving Asian flavors, give this quick and tasty recipe a try.

Healthier Pancakes - Syrup, move over! We're making our own strawberry sauce and serving them with whole grain pancakes.

Fish Tacos - It's Taco Tuesday, and we're ready to party! Try our delish sauteed fish tacos. Want to level up the flavor? Grill the fish instead!

Chicken Burrito Bowl - This is a great and filling recipe sure to please most in the family. Tortillas optional.