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January 22, 2021

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Important Update for LESD Families

Please note: Superintendent updates normally go out on Mondays. However, due to the important nature of this message, it is being sent in advance to ensure the community has the latest information.

Dear Lawndale Families,

I would like to extend my condolences to all those who have fallen ill or lost a loved one to the coronavirus. Many staff and families have suffered losses, and they are in my prayers.

Update on Reopening Schools

At last night’s Board of Trustees meeting, I shared an update on information regarding reopening our schools for in-person learning. While we were in the middle of preparing an application to bring back our TK-2nd grade students, Governor Newsom unexpectedly announced a plan that eliminated the TK-2 waiver process and replaced it with a new process which makes us ineligible.

LA County Schools Not Eligible Due to COVID Rates

We are not eligible for opening to TK-2 until the case rate in Los Angeles County is less than 25 per 100,000 population. The current case rate is three times that now - 75 per 100,000. In Lawndale, it is higher, at 1,710 per 100,000 population.

Vaccine Availability

While the vaccine program has begun, there are supply chain challenges. The two priority groups for vaccination are now healthcare workers and those aged 65 and older. Education sector employees would be in the next phase. Vaccinations are currently unavailable to students under the age of 16.

Remaining in Distance Learning

At the school board meeting last night, I recommended to the Board of Trustees to maintain Distance Learning for the remainder of the school year for nearly all of our students. They unanimously agreed to this recommendation. Some key points include:

  • Except for a small number of students, we do not have evidence of significant learning loss.

  • We are delaying opening for our Special Day Class and other high needs students and will consider bringing them in when it is safer and until we have a contract with our staff union.

  • We are closely monitoring COVID rates and the vaccination program.

Preparing for Summer and Fall

Our highest priority is to provide the very best educational program we can, while ensuring the safety and health of our students, our staff and our families. We will continue to improve our Distance Learning program, and plan for summer and fall programs.

Town Hall for Parents/Guardians - Thursday, January 28, 2021, 5:30 PM

Please join our Town Hall, where we will answer questions you may have. It will be recorded and shared if you are unable to attend. Spanish interpretation will be provided, and the Zoom link is below.

Click here to join the Town Hall.

Passcode: 941556

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Staff Highlight

Meet Sarai Cuevas

Sarai CuevasSarai Cuevas is the Community Liaison at William Green Elementary School, where she collaborates with staff and parents to give their students the support they need to succeed in their primary years in school. She provides parents with community resources and helps create workshops that provide guidance for parents to best support their child's education.

Sarai has vast experience working closely with students of different age groups from Preschool to eighth grade. She has worked closely with General Education and Special Education teachers to ensure students success and engagement. Sarai has developed a strong relationship with staff and administrators to plan and brainstorm ideas to benefit our families and community.

Sarai earned her B.A. in Child Development in 2013 and has worked at 3 local school districts in the South Bay. Sarai enjoys helping others, traveling with family and friends and enjoys dancing. Please email her at with any questions.

enroll your kinder student in dual immersion!

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The most recent District Parent Advisory Committee (DPAC) meeting is now available on our YouTube channel!

Do you want to get more involved at your student's school? Join Family University!

Email if you have any questions.

Meal service update

Meal distribution will not be available on the dates below at all of our sites.

  • Monday, Feb. 8th
  • Monday, Feb. 15th

You will receive meals for the Monday on the previous Wednesday. 

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