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Our Partners

Mad Science

Summer School

Summer School for 3rd & 4th Grade Students


3rd and 4th grade students will receive math and science support along with a physical education class.

Date: June 25th - July 6th

Time: 8 AM - 12 PM (noon)

Location: Green Elementary School 

Transitional Summer School for 5th graders


5th grade students will receive preparation to successfully begin their middle school journeys. Students will be familiarized with their new schools, meet the teachers, learn about the exciting array of programs, and receive an overall orientation to prepare them to begin their middle school experience.

Summer School Program highlights include :

  • Art: Anime drawing and animation 
  • Drama: Develop directing and performing skills
  • Science: Interactive science experiments, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) activities, video game design, lego engineering
  • Middle school student life orientations

Dates: August 6th- August 10th

Time : 8 AM - 12 PM (noon)

Location: Addams and Rogers Middle Schools