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Dr. Hamilton, Superintendent


Dr. Betsy Hamilton


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Laura Martinez

Laura Martinez

Executive Assistant

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Enrique Pivaral

Enrique Pivaral

Communications Officer

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Welcome to the Superintendent's Dept.

Students are the center of every decision we make in Lawndale Elementary School District. We provide our students with a high quality education, preparing them for success and opening the doors to college and careers. We collaborate across departments and schools to fulfill our moral imperative: to be champions for equity and access for all! Equity means making evidence-based decisions to ensure the fair allocation of resources. Equity allows for everyone to have just and fair access to the same opportunities—which leads to brighter futures for everyone!


Our moral imperative guides us in achieving our district goals:


  • Increasing Academic Achievement

  • Ensuring Access and Equity

  • Improving Parent and Student Engagement

  • Providing 21st Century Learning Environments


At LESD, our staff maintains a clear and coherent focus on creating a learning environment in which all of our students will be college and career-ready. We provide a school culture that makes our students feel safe, welcome, and happy to be at school.


Ensuring student happiness and academic success requires family engagement. Active parents can help ensure their students take full advantage of our quality programs and educational resources.  We encourage all parents to maintain regular communication with teachers and to provide a home atmosphere that supports, expects, and demands academic excellence.


Our purpose at LESD is to provide our students with the education and resources that will pave the road towards brighter futures. Working together, we can guarantee that all students have the necessary academic, social, and emotional foundations for them to open a world of opportunities in the future. 

About Dr. Hamilton

Dr. Hamilton is serving her 9th year in Lawndale, moving from the Assistant Superintendent of Educational Services to the Superintendent position in July of 2017.   Dr. Hamilton has served in numerous positions in public education in four other school districts prior to coming to Lawndale.  She has been a bilingual teacher, principal, and director, and has enjoyed the challenge and change during her career. Dr. Hamilton received a doctorate in K-12 Educational Leadership from the University of Southern California (USC), where her research focused on how superintendents work with school boards to maintain student achievement as the highest organizational priority. During her time at LESD, Dr. Hamilton has worked collaboratively to engage staff, students, parents and the community as partners to support all students’ success.  She has a passion for learning and leadership, and empowering others to realize their potential.