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Google Certifications for Teachers!

Google has created a new teacher certification process. Teachers prove their knowledge of Google Apps through an exam, after learning through self-paced online lessons. The Google Training Center has all of the information. You can also contact Yvette Abatte or Anne-Marie Mowad (Google Certified Level 2 Educators) for more information.

certified educator level1

21st Century Learning

The LESD Local Control Accountability Plan (LCAP) includes goal 4, ensuring 21st century learning environments. The 21st Century Learning Coordinator works closely with the rest of the Educational Services department to support instructional initiatives and to provide professional development and implementation support to district staff.

Student technology use is developmentally appropriate and includes student creation of multimedia projects, word processing, spreadsheets and graphics. Other specialized software programs assist students in gaining knowledge and demonstrating what they’ve learned in curricular areas.

Yvette Abatte, 21st Century Learning Coordinator
(310) 973-1300 ext. 50038

Internet Safety

As our children become more and more connected, parents sometimes worry about Internet safety. Having conversations about digital citizenship - appropriate online behavior - with your child is a vital tool in helping them conduct themselves safely online. There are plenty of available tools to support parents in these conversations.

- Resources to support parenting in the digital age: click to learn more about discussing screen time with your child, as well as some age-related guidelines for social media use.

- Media agreements in English and Spanish support parents in discussing and coming to agreements about media use with children of all ages.

- What is your digital footprint? Click here to learn more about how what we do online can have a long-term impact.

- With so many social media apps, it can be hard to figure out what does what. Click here for parent tip sheets on some popular social media apps.

Formative Assessment Resources

As teachers, we want to know how to support student learning as much as possible. Knowing what students understand can help teachers know when to intervene with additional support. Here are some technology-based formative assessment tools to support teachers:


Go Formative

Kahoot! (how-to video here near the bottom of the page)

Plickers (how-to instructions here)

Quizizz (how-to video here near the bottom of the page)

21st Century Skills Learners Group

A self-selected group of teachers have committed to learning about how to integrate 21st century skills into their classrooms during the 2015-15 school year. The group will be meeting monthly and will be reading, researching and planning for classroom projects. At the end of the year, we hope to have some sample 21st century classrooms!

Links to get started learning about 21st Century Skills:

Partnership for 21st Century Skills
A Blueprint for Great Schools (a CDE publication)
California Ed Tech Blueprint (a CDE publication)

Want to learn more about the Substitution Augmentation Modification Redefinition (SAMR) Model of Technology Integration? Check out Kathy Schrock's page! Here is an additional perspective on the SAMR Model, which has an interesting perspective.

Edutopia has published a series of posts related to 21st Century classrooms. Here are posts on creativitycollaboration, inquiry and technology integration. Here is the original post.


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Ed Tech in LESD Classrooms

Tech Resource Documents

Please use the resources below to support you as you integrate technology and help students learn. If you are an LESD teacher and would like further assistance, please contact Yvette Abatte. Additional documents are also available through Google Drive.

General Technology Information:
Chromebook Troubleshooting Guide
Tips for Using Google Draw

iPad Use:
2014_03_19-Confer App.pdf
Using Reflector - Note: if you have updated to iOS 9.x, you will have to upgrade to Reflector 2.0
Using Notability

Teacher Tech Tips

Click here to see short screencasts highlighting some technology tools you can use in your classroom. If you have any questions, please contact Yvette Abatte.

Technology Donations?

LESD welcomes technology donations. However, we want to ensure that we can support any additional equipment. Please peruse the technical specification document to determine if donations meet the minimum threshold. Thank you.