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About the Board

The Lawndale Elementary School District Board of Education is comprised of five duly elected trustees who serve four-year terms and are elected at-large. Each Board member has successfully completed the California School Boards Association Masters in Governance Program.

The Lawndale Elementary School District Governing Board encourages citizens to attend School Board meetings, and welcomes their views on pertinent subjects.

  • Regular public meetings of the LESD Board are held Tuesdays at 6 PM, at the LESD District Office located at 4161 West 147th Street, Lawndale, CA 90260. 

The approved Board Meeting dates through the end of 2018 are listed below:


October 3, 2017                               

October 24, 2017                             

November 14, 2017                         

December 5, 2017*                           

January 9, 2018                              

January 23, 2018                             

February 6, 2018                           

February 20, 2018                        

March 6, 2018                                 

March 20, 2018                               

April 10, 2018                                

April 24, 2018                                 

May 8, 2018                                    

May 22, 2018                              

June 12, 2018                                  

June 26, 2018                                  

July 17, 2018                                    

August 14, 2018     


*Annual Board Organizational Meeting                      


  • Agendas are posted in the lobby of the School District and on the District homepage at least 72 hours before each meeting. Minutes of the previous meeting, agendas, and all action items and reports are available near the entrance to the board room.

  • You may address the Board on any item listed on the agenda.

Please call the Superintendent’s office at 973-1300 Ext. 50002 to obtain information. At no time may any person orally present or discuss charges or complaints against any individual employee that are of personal nature. Unless the meeting is specifically designated as a public hearing, a Board Meeting is not a public meeting (open forum), it is a meeting of the Board in public.

Your presence is valued, and it gives evidence of your concern and interest in helping the Lawndale Elementary School District attain its ultimate goals of excellence in public education for all children in our community.

New Election Method for Our Board of Trustees

In case you couldn't attend one of the three community forums we held, below you can view the presentation. LESD is adopting elections "by trustee area". Learn more by reviewing the presentation below.


Community Forum Presentation

Presentacion del foro comunitario


From left to right: Shirley Rudolph (Trustee since 1991); Bonnie J. Coronado (Trustee since 1985); Cathy Burris (Trustee since 2009); Ann M. Phillips (Trustee since 1993); and (front row) Shirley Bennett (Trustee since 2003)

Board Member Terms Expiration Date

Shirley Bennett - Fall 2020

Cathy Burris - Fall 2020

Bonnie J. Coronado - Fall 2018

Ann Phillips - Fall 2018

Shirley Rudolph - Fall 2018