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Academic Programs

Preparing Our Students for Success!


At LESD we take great pride in offering students from Lawndale and adjacent communities with rigorous elementary and middle school programs. We are an educational community with a robust roster of resources to ensure our students become successful and productive members of society. Our programs ensure our students develop into innovative thinkers and creative problem-solvers.


Our curricula are designed to be academically stimulating—encouraging creativity, providing hands-on opportunities, and—most importantly, engaging our students! We are proud to instill in our students a life-long passion for learning as they successfully prepare for high school, college, and beyond!


Beyond Academics: Ensuring Social & Emotional Wellness


At LESD we place a high value on meeting our students’ social and emotional needs. We have systems in place to provide additional support to students that need it in order to be successful at school. Our Student Support Services Department  can provide students and families with resources and services to improve their lives. We also have social workers at all sites to help students who are struggling with problems that might affect their academic performance or social and psychological well-being. In addition, we have Community Liaisons at schools to support parent engagement.


Find out more about our efforts to foster safe and positive school culture here.


Preschool Curriculum


Between the ages of 3 and 5, children have an innate curiosity to explore, learn, and absorb knowledge. Our preschool program not only strengthens and encourages our students’ development but also of their families as a whole. Children will be offered a wide range of experiences and an opportunity to develop social, emotional, and cognitive skills. Parents or guardians will be encouraged to become involved in the educational process of their child through a variety of opportunities.


For more preschool information and eligibility guidelines, visit our preschool website here.


Elementary School Curriculum


LESD has 6 elementary schools: Anderson, FDR, Green, Mitchell, Smith, and Twain Elementary Schools. Our elementary schools serve students in grades TK-5 and provide them with solid foundations for bright futures.

Our core elementary academic program focuses on:

  • Language Arts
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Dual Immersion Curriculum (Spanish)
  • Technology
  • Social Studies
  • Physical Education
  • Visual & Performing Arts

We introduce these subjects at an early age to spark curiosity in our students and make them excited to learn as they begin their educational journeys at LESD. Our teachers use a variety of instructional methods to build skills and encourage critical thinking. With the support of TOSA’s (Teachers on Special Assignment) ELIRT’s (English Language Instructional Resource Teachers), and LAS’s (Language Arts Specialists) our educators design classroom experiences that capture our students’ interests and actively engage them in learning.


Above and beyond our curriculum, we instill skills in our students that are essential for future academic and professional success: organization, time management, communication, collaboration, and study skills.


Middle School Curriculum


LESD has 2 middle schools: Jane Addams and Will Rogers Middle Schools. Both campuses foster powerful learning opportunities both in the classroom and through a vast array of extracurricular activities. Our middle school students are challenged to tackle real-world problems on a daily basis. This inspires them to think creatively and critically. Furthermore, we encourage students to collaborate, listen to differing viewpoints, and ultimately learn from one another in an environment that promotes respect for intellectual diversity.

Our curriculum fosters learning through academic discussions in and out of the classroom and hands-on learning experiences that develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

Through our 1:1 Chromebook program (one laptop for every student), classroom technology, and robust Library Media Centers on both campuses, our students are further encouraged to explore and satisfy their curiosity in learning environments that will ensure success in the 21st century.


Middle School Courses


To prepare our middle school students for future success, we focus on the following academic core requirements, with some available at honors levels:

  • Math: pre-algebra, algebra, algebra II
  • Science: earth science, chemistry, physics, and biology
  • English: grammar, vocabulary, literature, and writing
  • Social studies: ancient history, world studies and U.S. history
  • Computer science: coding, programming, engineering
  • Visual arts program: ceramics, 3D sculpture, drawing, graphic design, and painting
  • Music program: beginning, intermediate, and advanced band
  • Performing arts programs: dance, theater, and chorus
  • Communication studies: public speaking, debate, and speech
  • Physical education: team and individual sports, personal fitness, and wellness program

Our middle schools also offer the following electives to further quench our student’s thirst to learn and further enrich their academic development:

  • Creative Writing
  • Information & Digital Literacy
  • Keyboarding
  • Spanish Literature
  • Speech & Debate
  • Social Justice
  • Leadership
  • Consumer Science
  • Health & Nutrition
  • Conflict Mediation
  • CPA (College Preparatory Academy)

Our middle schools also offer the following clubs:

  • ECO Club
  • Film Club
  • Cooking Club
  • Basketball Club
  • Tinkering Club


Realizing Amazing Potential: Before & After School Program


Realizing Amazing Potential (RAP), offers a range of services and activities, including homework help, visual & performing arts, physical fitness, sports, journalism, and much more! With activities available until 6 p.m. every day, our students can use their after-school time to enjoy activities that spark their interests.


Learn more about RAP here.